Today’s word is “luck.” From the very beginning of this “write something everyday” thing (except for on Friday, so it seems we’ll be spilling over into July), I’ve wanted to write something specific about the people who greatly impacted my life during the last school year. There are more people than the eleven that are mentioned here, but these people are the ones who impacted my life on an almost daily basis (if not daily). These are people who I have acted with, had game nights with, cried with, laughed with, studied with, walked with, and simply lived my life with. I love them. I am very lucky to know these people and to call them my friends.

Kiana showed me how to not apologize for existing.

Emma allowed me to believe that my feelings are always valid, no matter if I’m correct or not.

Lindsey somehow made me laugh on days when I didn’t even want to smile. She also gave me some of the best hugs on my worst days.

Rylee showed me what confidence looks like.

Nathan showed me that it’s okay to ask for help, and that being afraid isn’t a bad thing.

Jamie reminded me of how beautiful old friendships can be, and how loyalty is not something that comes around everyday.

Savana (along with our mutual coffee obsession) reminded me to remember the simpler things, and to not take everyday beauty for granted.

Jared gave me space to be honest, and the time to practice trust.

Emily surprised me everyday with her sense of humor, and her dedication constantly inspired me to reach a little bit higher.

Arien showed me what it means to be brave.

Dorea opened doors for so many of the good things that happened this year. Without her, many things wouldn’t have occurred at all.