Things That Make Me Happy

I've talked a LOT about how finding things to be thankful for is so important for my happiness. So, I thought it would make sense if I made a list of the small things I'm thankful for/that make me happy:

1. Driving in a car and listening to music with headphones and my favorite songs. 

2. Coffee.

3. Finding it easier to learn something in Spanish because I already learned it in French and it makes sense. 

4. Finishing a really good book. 

5. Walking around art galleries. 

6. Candles.

7. Traveling somewhere new.

8. Buying new music.

9. Chocolate chip cookies. 

10. Taking a picture and having it turn out really well. 

11. Finishing a new story or song.

12. That feeling after laughing really hard for a long time. 

13. Flowers. 

14. Breathing in fresh air after a long period of rain. 

15. Watching stars. 

16. That moment before an airplane takes off when you're moving really fast. 

17. Seeing my best friends after being away for a long time. 

18. Sitting in the sun. 

I know this was a somewhat strange post, but I couldn't think of anything else to write :-) We've made it to the middle of February, and in my 17 years I've noticed that this is around the time of year where people start to get antsy and ready for something exciting or spontaneous. So if you're like me and are ready for something new, find something ordinary that fills you with happiness, and savour those moments. 

Me, feeling very happy after finding Tom Hanks' star in Los Angeles :-) 

Me, feeling very happy after finding Tom Hanks' star in Los Angeles :-)