Portland, Oregon

At the end of my spring break and the beginning of hers, my mom and I drove to Portland, Oregon. We hadn't done a road trip in a while, and needless to say, I was happy to be traveling again. I hadn't been to Portland in SO LONG, and I hadn't been to Oregon since our road trip to Idaho when I was around ten (so seven years ago), and I was very excited. We left on a Friday afternoon, and returned the following Monday. It was a short trip, but definitely a good one. Here were some of my favorite moments:

Mt. Shasta (maybe)

On our way up, we stopped at a rest stop and I took this picture of Mt. Shasta (I think...). There was a very tall red fence in the way, so this picture was taken by holding my phone over my head and jumping while hoping with all my might that it would turn out okay. Also it was 39 degrees and windy and I wasn't wearing a jacket...

Powell's City of Books:

OH MY GOODNESS. OH. MY. GOODNESS. It was a city of books. I was thrilled. This elaborate bookstore had many floors, many sections, and what must have been thousands upon thousands upon thousands of books ranging from every topic imaginable. I came home with a book on Race, Class, and Gender in the United States (actually, it's a textbook. I didn't realize this until I got home), and another about acting and directing Shakespeare in the United States. I'm pretty sure I could just live in this bookstore, it was so incredible. 

A Coffee Tour:

My mom has a friend from college who does coffee tours in Portland, and we were lucky enough to go on one right before leaving the city. I learned that I still have yet to mature in my coffee tasting because everything tasted the same to me (sorry, everybody), and I also learned that I actually love public transportation. I don't know why, but I do. I also really love lattes with a slight taste of rose. 

The Portland Art Museum

We didn't stay here long, and most of our time was spent looking for the Impressionism (my favorite), but I still say it was worth it. Anytime I have the chance to go to an art museum, I'll take it. I'm not really an artist in the painting sense, but I still love being surrounded by it. 


Overall, I loved my road trip to Portland with my mom. We have more inside jokes and memories than we did before we left, and I was able to add another trip taken to my 2017 list. This small list of adventures didn't include the yellow daffodils that were on almost every road we drove on, the delicious ricotta on our pizza, or our teeth whitening experience, but those smaller things were probably my favorite parts. Thank you for the memories, Oregon, I hope I'll be back soon!