Claira’s Going to Kenya

A little over six months ago, I finished my first internship at a theatre. As my time with Stage Right Productions came to an end, I started looking for other opportunities to get involved with theatre outside of school. In doing research, I came across a program called Performing Arts Abroad. In looking into it more, I discovered that, through this program, I could go to Nairobi, Kenya to work with a group of kids to implement social change through the use of theatre.

Basically, my dream job.

I filled out the application and sent it off in October. The week before my birthday I interviewed at 8:00 in the morning, and waited anxiously to hear back. The next week, on the evening of my birthday, I received an email saying that I had been accepted to the program. I am extremely excited to say that I will be spending five weeks of the summer of 2019 in Nairobi.

While in Nairobi, I will be working with a project called VOCAL, a project that uses theatre, music, and dance to orchestrate social change and counteract xenophobia. While there I will be teaching acting workshops and classes, working with the acting group, and volunteering in a children's home. I think I am most excited about spending lots of time with people who also believe that theatre is a vital part of social change.

This is going to be a challenging summer for me, but I can’t wait for it. I can already tell that I will be experiencing so much that will make me into a better teacher, actress, and probably a better person. I am so excited to work with students, other teachers, and to learn from everyone around me. Trust me, I will be writing everything down and recording it here. This is going to be a summer of stories, and I can’t wait.

Here is the link to my GoFundMe page. If you can donate, thank you so much! If you can’t, I would really appreciate it if you could share it to spread the word. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :-)