In My Backpack

I have an old tube of chapstick;
Multiple crumpled up ideas;
A few hand me down insecurities.

I have a broken watch;
An old train pass that probably expired last year;
Dreams that are growing ever so slowly.

I have a copy of my favorite book of poetry;
A thin sweater with a slightly torn sleeve;
A broken heart that is slowly mending.

I have a broken pen I’ve carried for three years;
Homework I should have turned in two months ago;
A pile of “um”s “yeah”s and “mmhmm”s.

I have perfume that hurts my head;
A few letters for my best friend;
A foggy memory of an untaken antidepressant.

I have a crunched up granola bar;
Another crunched up granola bar;
A prayer I’ve been saving for later.

I have a CD from 2007;
A stick of gum;
And the rough draft for this poem.