America, on the fourth of July,
I stare up at the fireworks, and can’t help but ask why
This country is now the way that it is,
Where hope turns to fear and nothing is ours- it’s his.

Over the past few years my patriotic heart has been shot,
Months filled with news that’s hard to handle, and I always thought,
That this country was built on dreams fit for growing,
But now a bullet has penetrated the calm and instructed the storm to start blowing.

I know, I know, this poem may be hard for some to hear,
But discomfort can be good, and I won’t censor my tears.
So listen up, because I’m angry at all I’ve been seeing,
Angry at this country, and the actions of some human beings.

First of all, we are all human beings, and we cannot forget this,
We all want acceptance, and we’re all trying to escape the abyss
Of suffering and evil, so why aren’t we helping each other?
We are separating and hurting, instead of acting like sisters and brothers.

Stop pretending to love if that’s not how you feel,
At least have some sympathy, and don’t make excuses for the evil.
We are all to blame for something, so accept your consequences.
Do what you can to make things right, and help tear down these fences.

Stars and stripes and thoughts and thoughts and prayers,
Stop being enough when no one really cares.
I’ve read word after word of lives turned to ruin,
It’s like our hopes are gone and destruction has been blown in.

If this is not who we are, then more needs to be done
We’ve had protests and parades, but we can’t stop ‘till we’ve won.
Until everyone can laugh, learn, and love as they please,
Until our animals are safe, even the ones in the trees.

America, I still want to love you, but you’re making it hard.
You’ve closed up your hearts, and your borders are bared.
But someone once said our darkest nights lead to brightest days,
So I’ll look for the helpers, and try to count out the ways,

I’ve seen the hope through the hurt, and the good through the bad,
I’ve seen people makes others smile, and lend a hand to the sad.
I’ve watched the helpers become heroes, because that’s what they are.
I’ve watched strangers have empathy, no matter how far.

So give me your tired, your hurting and ill,
And I’ll give you my shoulder, a blanket and fighting will.
I’ll do what I can to set this ship back on course,
But I need you to join me, to be our fighting force.