Mom. If I could be 1/3  of what you are, I will count myself lucky.

Mom. The one who lifts me up when I can no longer stand. Who raises me up above herself and teaches me to believe in myself. Yet she still teaches humbleness, and showed me how to let others speak.

Mom. The one who laughed and shook her head when she found out I watered the orchid every day. I wondered why it had died so soon…

Mom. The one who befriends the hummingbirds and the squirrels. The one who pauses to take pictures of the moon and of the pomegranate seeds. She taught me to notice the small things, the big things, and all those in between things.

Mom. The one who loves and loves and loves and loves. The one who gives all that she has and then some. Who knows how to hold on, and how to let go.

Mom. The one with green eyes and a green thumb. A mind with many words but a mouth that knows silence is at times golden. The one who taught me kindness is what matters most and patience is a virtue.

Mom. The one who I aspire to be. The one who showed me what love is. The one who told me I can do anything. The one who shows me generosity in the best ways, and strength in the hardest times.

Mom. If I could be 1/3 of who you are, I will count myself lucky.