Why We Didn't Work

Because The Odyssey is too long.

Because we didn’t know how to communicate.

Because Knottsberry Farm sucks.

Because I’m really liberal, and you’re really not.

Because I didn’t finish reading your story, and you finished mine the next day.

Because Luna Lovegood doesn’t get a love story anyway.

Because rhetorical devices are too good at making sense of nonsensical feelings.

Because you ask too many questions.

Because we both write poetry.

Because while Edmund Spenser had the right idea in Sonnet 75, we weren’t the right people.

Because you played football.

Because Nebraska was far away.

Because other girls caught your attention and I didn’t notice until it was too late.

Because I’ve already forgotten how to roller skate.

Because Newt Scamander was with a Lestrange first.

Because January was a long time ago.

Because something changed for you.

Because you never told me what changed.

Because neither of us wanted to admit that I liked you more than you liked me.