I Have Wanted to Be Far too Many Things

I have wanted to be far too many things to only be one
I have wanted to live in far too many places to stand still
I want to be an actress in New York, and a writer in Boston
A painter in Colorado,  a musician in Maryland, and a poet in Seattle

I have wanted to travel to far too many places to never leave home
Thailand, Marseille, Verona, and Kyoto
I have wanted to write far too many books to never pick up a pen
And I have wanted to sing far too many songs to let my voice be still

There are so many decisions I don’t feel ready to make
Where will I go? what will I do? who will I choose to be?
Will I let my poems speak for me, or will my songs sing my thoughts?
Will I find my way through countrysides and city lights or will I choose a quiet place to be still?

I have wanted to be far too many things to only be one
An astronaut, a tap dancer, and a potter
A storyteller, a teacher, and a journalist
A politician, an activist, and a poet

I have always wanted to be happy with what I choose
To have no regrets, and live a life fulfilled
To chase my dreams, and not let time stand in my way
To be proud of accomplishments, and always have one eye on the road ahead

So whether I become a writer, or a politician
A potter or a painter
And whether I live in Seattle or Nebraska,
Or somewhere overseas

I will chase my dreams and not give up until I’ve found them
I’m an idealist, but that hasn’t steered me wrong yet
I have wanted to be far too many things
But that’s just who I am, and that’s who I choose to be