When the Devil Wears Heels

The devil is not stupid. He is cunning, and he is insidious.
He sits behind his screen, typing words meant to spear the souls of the good.
He runs to the weak, threatening them with darkness.
He walks to the strong, shoving defeat down their throats.

The devil is scared. He is a coward, and he is insecure.
There are people who fight back. People who type back.
The weak stand up and realize they are taller than him.
They threaten him with light, with good, with strength.
He shrinks smaller, and smaller, and smaller.

The devil is not tall enough, so he wears heels.
He overcompensates for the darkness and defeat.
We know we can stand together, and we know we don’t need his division.

But he is not stupid. He knows how to get to us.
He knows how to use our weaknesses against us, and he knows our insecurities.
But we are not small. We are not weak. We know how to stand against the weaknesses.
The devil is not tall enough, and tall scares him.
So when the devil wears heels, we know we’ve won.