The Map

I was born in Maryland. It was a cold Friday when I came out into the world two days before Halloween.

I lived in three states by the time I was eighteen- Maryland, Illinois, and California.

I grew up by the beach, but I’ve been scared of the ocean ever since it tried to take me back with it one day when I was five.

Rome will always be the home of my rebellious self. Shown in a flash, gone in an instant.

The Golden Gate Bridge stands as a reminder of all I wanted when I was eight, and all I want now at eighteen.

New York is where I discovered my fear of heights.

L.A. is where I got lost in the galaxies, made the choice to chase my dreams, and got left in a hotel lobby on my half birthday.

Cupertino is where I developed insecurities and lost myself a little bit.

Sacramento is where I grew up.

Seattle is where I learned to not make decisions based in fear.

Portland is where I got lost in a bookshelf of theatre.

D.C. is where I wandered out of the hotel room while asleep because fighting stays with me hours after it’s gone quiet.

London stands as a testament to my scuffed up converse and frizzy hair.

Edinburgh will always carry a piece of my soul.

Boston will always be the place I almost went, but instead became like a figment of my imagination.

The world is at my fingertips, and I’m slowly filling in the map of where I’ve been.