I feel like Alice, always one step behind.
Never knowing who to look for, or who I’ll eventually find.
Racing through the forest and dashing through the trees,
Stuck in a bottle while floating on the sea.

I feel too big for this house, yet too small for this world.
How do some people fit, and others, like me, only twirl?
I’m too much of some things, yet others not enough.
I’m often stuck in the middle, and yeah, it’s rough.

Everyone who is trying to be something, is getting tired of trying.
Tired of searching, and tired of crying.
And I am feeling lost and I don’t think I’ll be found anytime soon.
I’m waiting for good things while staring at the moon.

If the best ones are mad, then I feel quite sane.
Because the best ones aren’t simple, and I’m stuck feeling plain.
All of them, way out there, have dreams to be lived,
And while I too have my plans, I’m convinced I’ve been outbid.

So I’ll have to find Wonderland, because they’re all mad there.
I’ll use my imagination, and try not to be scared.
Because I do believe in the impossible, and I know forever is short,
I have dreams to be dreamed, and my plans I won’t thwart.

Here I go now, one foot then the other.
A rabbit hole of dreams, another and another
Through Wonderland I’ll go, though I’m not sure if I’ll fit.
But because I believe in magic, I know I will find it.