Sunrise/Sunset: A Constant State of Writer's Block

Sunrise/Sunset is a series of writings where I write about something in the morning and then write about the same thing at sunset. Hopefully pictures accompany it, but who knows. 

7:03 am - I recently learned that Aaron Sorkin (creator of The West WingNewsroom, and Sport's Night) lives in a constant state of writer's block. ( As someone who has trouble coming up with ideas, it's comforting to know that someone who has written/directed several successful tv shows and movies is always dealing with a sense of not knowing what to do next. I'm the same way. This morning I woke up with the familier feeling of "I have nothing new to offer. My thoughts are not unique. I have no new ideas." This way of thinking has plagued my world for years now, and I doubt it will ever completely leave. Whether it's writing something for this website, a poem, or a song, I am constantly thinking that what I am saying has already been said, or maybe I'm just preaching to the choir. 

When it comes to writer's block, it comes around especially when I'm writing stories. Last May, I had an English assignment to write a short story, and I missed the first two deadlines because I couldn't think of an idea. I had come up with something, and had written a few paragraphs before a friend of mine said it was a little too reminiscent of "The Tiny Wife" by Andrew Kaufman (excellent book, by the way. I highly recommend it). My teacher was constantly reminding me of deadlines, and I was constantly writing ideas in a notebook and promptly crossing them out. A blank piece of paper had become my home. It wasn't until I heard the word "talisman" that the idea for the story began to form. Once I had the idea, I wrote a ten page story in one evening. It took me an incredibly long time to get over that case of writer's block, and it came back the next week when I was trying to write again. This morning, I opened up my computer to write this post, and was once again greated with a blank screen. I had no ideas. So, I decided to write about having writer's block. 


8:26 pm - Well, it's been over thirteen hours, and the idea of writer's block has been on my mind all day. I think I have come to a realization: Feeling that I have no new ideas is no way to live. If everyone felt that they had nothing new to share, where would we be in life? We would have no new scientific discoveries because everyone would assume everything had already been found. We would have no new music or art because every musican and artist would figure that people would think they were just copying someone else. On another note, we all have something new to share. Our brains are so unique that no one is capable of having the exact same thoughts as everyone else. We all having something new to share. Showing the world our ideas is scary (I would know, it's what I'm doing right now and it's terrifying), but so worth it in the end. Writer's block is a part of the creative process, and no matter how incredibly annoying it may be, it makes the end result all the more worth it. Aaron Sorkin, with all his writer's block, has created something that few others would be able to accomplish. If he can do all that with writer's block, we can all make something with our ideas. 

6:34 pm 

6:34 pm