Why I Write - 2 Year Anniversary Post

Today marks exactly two years since I made this website go live two days early. Today it has been two years since I decided to start a blog without really knowing how. I hadn't really written anything like this before. The first pieces I wrote were 2-3 paragraphs, whereas now my average piece has 6 paragraphs. I started by wanting to tell stories of my life and share my poems, but at that point I wasn't doing much with my life and I'd only written one poem. 

In the past year, I went through my senior year of high school, graduated, and started college. I moved to a new state. I finally got my driver's permit. A lot has changed with this website itself, too. I've written more open letters, and I've started releasing a monthly poem. I've added a few new series pieces, too (100 Words and  Detox Tea Talks come to mind first). I updated the format a while back and at the same time changed the About page (which received another update after I graduated). I also completely took off the photography page, because I realized that while I like saving pictures I've taken, it's not something I feel the need to showcase, and it isn't one of my priorities. Instead, I've made a new section entirely devoted to theatre and my journey of getting to where I want to be. But what's happened in the past two years?

In the past two years, I've gone from a scared new kid in California to a college Freshman in Washington who is finding her way. In the past two years, I have gone from someone with ideas for books but no copies to someone with a book written, edited, and ready. I started this blog so I'd have something to do to distract myself from starting at a new school. I started it so I'd feel like I was doing something that could benefit me in the future. I started it so I'd get the chance to practice my writing and have a space to talk about things I loved. 

Now, I write because I want to share my stories. I write because I believe I have something to say, and I write because I think I have good ideas. Now, I don't always need this website to distract myself, but sometimes it still serves that purpose. Usually, this website is simply my place to keep my stories safe. It is a place that still lets me share things I love and I still think this may benefit me in the future, but now this whole thing is more than that. 

This website has made me a better writer, a better reader, and I think it's actually made me a better person. I do more now. I try things, and I take risks. I think that's because I figure that even if something doesn't work out the way I want it to, at least I'll get a story out of it and can have a new piece to post here. This website has made me a little less afraid of messing up. While I didn't need one, this website has given me an excuse to simply live a little bit more. When you put your soul out there, you have to be brave. You have to be okay with being vulnerable and you have to be okay with people reading your vulnerability, no matter what they'll do with it. I'm still working on not letting irrelevant criticism bother me, but it's hard. 

In the past year, this little website's audience has grown, so hello to those of you who are still pretty new. Thanks for hanging out here and listening to what I have to say. Thank you to those of you who have been here the entire time (all four of you ;-)), and thank you to those of you who stop in every once in a while and leave nice comments for me to see later. It's been a good two years, and I'm excited for the next two (and beyond). Here's to making mistakes, succeeding at new things, and writing about all of it.