Why I Chose the Major (and minor!) That I Did

As of right now, I am majoring in English and minoring in Drama. You know, just so I can be completely unemployable... just kidding. Something I learned pretty quickly after deciding where I was going to college is that after asking where you're going, people will ask you what your major is, and then if you're majoring in one of the Humanities, they will ask you why. I'm not sure why this is, but a lot of the time people don't know what kind of job you can get with a degree in one of the Humanities. I have some friends who are pre-law, and others who want to be teachers. Some of us just want to study something that interests them while they figure out what they want to do when they graduate.

At first, I chose to major in English because it's all I've ever wanted to major in. Now, I'm majoring in English because I believe that it will make me both a better writer and a better actor. When you read books and learn the history of the authors, you get inside the heads of characters and the head of the person who created them. This teaches you empathy, which is so important in being a good actor. When you're empathetic, you're able to understand why you're character does the things they do, and you can then decide how you want to play it out. Of course, the writing is also a huge part for me. I love reading, and I love writing. Someday (hopefully soon), I want to publish a book. Whether it's self-published or not, I want to see a book I've written on the shelf of a bookstore someday.

At my school, there aren’t many other English majors. In fact, there are only four of us in my Freshman class. This means we are all pretty close-knit, especially with the professors. At my school, if you are an English major, you take all the typical English writing and literature classes, but then later on decide if you want your concentration to be on creative writing or on literature. I still haven’t decided which one I want to choose, but luckily I don’t have to make that decision for another couple of years. My general classes still revolve around my major, especially the ones in the history and social science departments.

I am minoring in Drama for what should be obvious reasons if you've read even a couple posts on this blog. I'm minoring in Drama because I want to work in a theatre someday, and then later run my own theatre company. If I'm being totally honest, I'm only minoring in Drama because at my school you can't major in it. Right now I am taking an acting class and I absolutely love it. Right now I am writing this in the fifteen minutes I have before meeting with another girl in the class to go over a scene we’re performing together in a couple weeks. At my school, the drama department is pretty well established. Auditions are mandatory, which is great practice, and I’m also part of the drama club which has events (like musical nights or improve games) every couple weeks.

I love the major and minor that I've chosen, and I'm excited to keep working towards my degree for the next four years. Even so, I'm open to things changing. I highly doubt I'll wind up with a degree in something to do with math or science (especially since I couldn't think of a degree in that department to mention here), but I may decide at some point that I'd prefer to major in Strategic Communication for the same reasons I chose to major in English. I may also decide to add a minor in business so I have more information for when I decide to start the theatre company. Who knows, I may really decide to go in a completely new direction. My point is, I love my major and minor, but I'm also open to other options. All I know for sure is I'm excited about what I might get to do while I'm here. 

Me during a monologue performance earlier this week :-)

Me during a monologue performance earlier this week :-)