10 Essays I Don't Know How to Write

10 essays I don't know how to write:

1. How my swim teacher/coach changed my life for the better. 

2. My early childhood and how it messed me up but brought me to where I am now. 

3. What it's like having a brother with autism. 

4. What it feels like to be sort of broken up with in a hotel lobby even when you weren't exactly dating the person in the first place. 

5.  The rest of my series about Senior Survival. 

6. That day in seventh grade when I almost decided to leave the school I'd been at for eight years. 

7. Why I connect with Zoe Murphey from Dear Evan Hansen so much. 

8. How I suddenly understand why the saddest people create the most beautiful things. 

9. How I'm not sure what love feels like. Which is why I'm scared I'll never know when I'm in it. 

10. How I'm not sure how to be a better writer.