Why I Return to the Same Place Twice

On June 25th of last year, my mom and I took a day trip to Mendocino, California. I had gone the previous October and had later realized that one of our favorite shows, Murder, She Wrote, had been partially filmed there. Because of this revelation, I decided that I would eventually go back, and luckily my mom also thought that was a wonderful idea. 

While we were there, I showed her some of my favorite things from my first visit. This included an introduction to mushroom ice cream (I stand by my belief that it has a weaker coffee flavor), a lot of beautiful pictures, and a glimpse into a small town. That day is one of my favorite memories with my mom, so when we were planning our summer trips for this year, I was happy that she also wanted to go back. 

On July 05th of this year, we made the return to Mendocino. First, we said goodbye to my best friend after she stayed over for the fourth of July, and then we headed off. We drove past a giant lake and through a forest of redwoods before finally reaching our destination. Of course, we had to stop at Jessica Fletcher's house to say hello, but then we went over to the Mendocino Highlands where I took the picture below (as well as many others). After staring at the beauty of the ocean we walked over the ice-cream place where we were sorely disappointed to discover that they were closed for the day. Sigh, no mushroom ice-cream this time. We went to a bookstore and walked around some more before getting back in the car and driving home. It was only a day trip, but wonderful memories came out of it. 

So why did I want to return to a place I've already been? As someone who is constantly dreaming of visiting new places, I sometimes wonder why my strong sense of nostalgia still manages to pull me back to old favorites. I guess it's for the same reason I look at my old books and journals- I want to see how I've changed. Last year when we went to Mendocino, everything was about to change. We visited only about four days before we moved, and that led to a year of almost constant change. Going back allowed me to reflect on those changes and what I've learned from them. It's why I want to go back to Mendocino again soon, and also why I want to return to St. Paul's Cathedral in London and the Scottish Highlands in Scotland. Things have changed so much since I last visited those places. 

I love to travel, and I love seeing new things. I love visiting new places and experiencing what those places have to offer. Even so, I will always leave some time in my adventures to revisit old places. I need the chance to reflect, and a little nostalgia never hurt anyone.