My Creativity is Gone

Throughout my life so far, I have discovered many things. I don't like water chestnuts (or chestnuts in general), walking/driving across bridges, and I'm scared of those mannequins you see in museums that look like real people but aren't. I've also learned that whenever I try to be creative, I end up in a rut that I can't seem to escape. This past week was one such time, and I still can't seem to regain that sense of creativity. 

When I was fifteen, I wrote my first song, and I've been writing them ever since, but haven't been able to finish one in a while. When I was sixteen, I wrote my first poem, but haven't been able to write one since (hence the lack of poems on this website). As someone who thrives off of being creative and expressing myself, it's very difficult to be in a position where literally everything I start ends up being discarded for various reasons. Typically, when I'm in a "creativity rut," I'll force myself to start something, but will get rid of it because it either sounds too much like something someone else has done, or I just hate it. Usually, it's the latter...

I honestly don't know what I'm trying to say here... I'm really just rambling because I've lost all sense of creativity. I also think I've won the award for how many times someone can use the word "creativity" in an article. Hopefully, I'll be back soon with someone a little more me, I guess, but for now, please enjoy this post of me just rambling away... I do it offline as well.