This past weekend was definitely one that will not be forgotten quickly! I moved quite recently, and leaving behind a bunch of amazing friends wasn't easy, so seeing them was incredible. The weekend started with dinner on Saturday night with my closest friends, and ended with a Troye Sivan concert that was spectacular. 

When I moved, one of the things I had been worried about was coming back to visit and feeling like an outsider among my own group of friends. Luckily, I didn't feel like that. I was caught up on everything that I had missed, but I didn't feel like they were bragging about all the great things they were getting to do, I just felt like they were telling me stories. It was a little strange to hear them say it was "their class" instead of "our class", but I guess that's to be expected after a while. My favorite part of the night by far, however, was walking through the rain to get ice cream. We didn't have an umbrella, so we resorted to using a waterproof blanket, which covered about two and a half people at a time. With a group of five, it made for an interesting walk. I loved being able to do something out of the ordinary with them again. Saying goodbye was hard, but luckily I saw two of them again the next day. Technology has proven to be something very important to me since the move, because I'm able to talk to my best friends every day even though we're a good two hours apart. 

Sunday night was probably one of my favorite memories. Troye Sivan has been one of my favorite musicians since I stumbled upon his youtube channel in 2014, and seeing him in concert was absolutely amazing. I have found that being at a concert is an excellent way to stand out while also blending in. You feel invincible, and hopefully, you're surrounded by people who give off a good energy. I didn't discover this until after I was already home, but I was lucky enough to hear the live debut of "Blue", which is definitely one of my top favorite songs on the entire album. March-May of this year was an especially happy time of life for me, and it also happened to be around the same time that I was listening to Troye's music a lot. So being in the presence of music that had been the soundtrack to an amazing time of life for me was so incredible, and being able to experience it with some of my best friends made it even better. 

I feel very blessed to have had the weekend that I did. I have some truly amazing friends, and I have an incredible mom who gives me some fantastic opportunities that I know I would never had had otherwise. So, thank you to everyone who made this past weekend possible, and I love you more than all the stars in the sky! 

Sorry for the blurriness of this picture, but it was difficult to get even this!  :-) 

Sorry for the blurriness of this picture, but it was difficult to get even this!