Green Walls & Books

I moved recently, and as anyone who has moved and loves books will know, it came with a side effect of being-without-books-itis. During the few months that I was living out of boxes, I accumulated a few books (4-7 of Harry Potter, some poetry collections, and Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy), but I missed being surrounded by all my books. Over the years, I have bought/been given books that have changed how I view the world, or have given me a greater insight into things that I thought I understood. It felt strange to be away from them for so long, as if I had left behind a piece of myself.

Being away from most of my possessions for a few months got me thinking, though. Why do we put so much into what we have? I've talked before about how I am an extremely sentimental person, and how I don't like getting rid of things unless I absolutely have to, but I still found it strange how much I missed things when they were only down the stairs and in the garage. 

When moving day came, I went into my new room with the freshly painted green walls (think Kermit the Frog, only a little less bright), and immediately laid down in the middle of the floor. This is a somewhat odd tradition that I started when my dad moved into his first apartment. Little nine year old me wandered into the bedroom carrying a polka dotted suitcase, and plopped herself down in the middle of the floor to stare up at the ceiling. Since that day, it has become a tradition for me to stare at the ceiling of every room I call my own, and this room was certainly no different. Once I stood up again, I got to unpacking my books. I pulled out Shakespeare, Jane Austen, John Green, John Knowles, and Harper Lee. Childhood favorites were placed in prime spots, and old school textbooks went near the bottom (I don't ever want to even THINK about geometry again if I can help it!). It felt like being reunited with old friends again, and I loved every moment of taking the books out of their boxes and placing carefully back on the shelves. 

I think it's funny how we tend to leave pieces of ourselves in our possessions. The things that we acquire throughout the years hold pieces of us that we don't always think about until we are reunited with those physical objects. I love my books very much, they are a huge part of who I am. I always have one with me, and even though I definitely have a favorite (To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee), every single one holds a special place in my heart. I am very happy to be surrounded by all of them again, along with my green walls. Change is good, but also scary, and having familiar faces (or dust jackets) can make everything that much easier!


A portion of my bookshelf :-)

A portion of my bookshelf :-)