Detox Tea Talk: January 2019

It’s been 2019 for only 24 days, and it already feels like so much has happened. I came back to Washington on the sixth, and had quite the flight back (but that’s a whole post in itself, so…). On my first full day back at school, I wound up moving to a different dorm. Later that week I auditioned for the drama department’s winter production, and got a few callbacks. I went to them and spent the Thursday night staring at my phone waiting for it to ring. Around 9:30 I got a call asking if I would take a part in the production. This began the craziness that has been January.

The next Monday, me and my new roommate got roped into working with a nearby theatre as dressers (I say “roped in” but really I said we’d do it without realizing how busy we both are). This week is tech week, which means we’ve both been going slightly insane for four days straight. It’s be great.

The Tuesday after agreeing to help with the nearby theatre, I got a call from my director saying the guy who had been cast in our two person play had backed out. I then spent the next week trying to find a new actor. Luckily, with the help of my roommate, someone was found. Rehearsals have not started yet, but here’s hoping it will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Since returning to school I have gone to my classes and gotten fairly used to them. I’ve read a lot of books for school and read no books for fun. I’ve run many miles, studied for lines backstage at work, and done my best to stay calm amidst the busyness that has become my year.

So far 2019 has been busy, but so far only a good busy. I’m working with a lot of people and a lot of theatre. I’m studying things I actually love, and I’m laughing more than I did at the end of 2018. I haven’t been writing as much because I’ve been living a little bit more. I’m still not very good at finding the balance between writing and living, because I do tend to live in my head a lot. I hope you’ll accept this haphazard post as a mini life update. I’m happy, I’m laughing, and I’m busy. Life is really, really good right now.

~ Claira