Detox Tea Talk: March 2018

Stream of consciousness writing is somehow harder than writing a carefully thought out essay. I'm not sure why, because considering my many of years of journaling you'd think I'd be pretty good at this... but I digress, this is my second attempt at this whole thing, and I'm doing my best. I'm also going to try and write this whole thing in one sitting, which is very strange but I think it'll help this kind of post in particular flow a little bit better and hopefully make more sense.

But anyway, it's finally spring and I am very pleased.  While writing this (and also when it goes live) I am on spring break. Since I was in England last week, I'm okay with the fact that I'm not doing that much traveling this week.  I'm going to Los Angeles with my mom today, but I'll have to be back by 1:00 on Sunday for the big rehearsal for Pirates of Penzance. Speaking of said musical, it's coming around on me. At the beginning, I'd spent all my rehearsal time comparing it to Les Mis, but then I realized that you cannot compare Claude-Michael Schöneberg with Gilbert & Sullivan. You just can't. I love that there's more choreography this year, and while the musical itself definitely isn't my favorite, I have to admit that there are scenes I find very funny. 

Back to talking about spring, I am very, very happy that my favorite season has finally returned. Sure, it's still cold and rainy 85% of the time, but that'll pass soon enough. I can already tell that my mood has changed since the month of March began, and my happiness levels have been consistently high for the last 20 days (I'm writing this on Tuesday). I've been spending a lot of my time with other people, and think that is contributing to higher levels of happiness. The rest of this month is going to be fairly insane. I go to LA, and then as soon as I return it's all musical, musical, musical until April 9th, the day after the final performance. (I just realized that I must have the musical on my mind right now, because even though I'm trying to talk about other things I keep going back to it.)

Right now I'm sitting at my desk, tea to my right and my dry-erase calendar in front of me. I have a candle that I've had for years burning on my dresser, and there is a slight sprinkling of rain outside my window. I'm listening to Ingrid Michelson and I'm feeling very content. I'd say that happy and content are the two emotions I've been feeling the most lately. While driving back from a class vespers-not-vespers on Friday, I was in the backseat with two of my friends up front. We were listening to acoustic versions of some of our favorite songs, and as I looked out the window I couldn't help but feel very content. While in England, I felt unexplainable feelings of happiness when I was with my cousins. March has been a really, really good month. I'm very thankful for everything that has taken place so far, and I really hope that these feelings continue into the month of April. Until next time,

~ Claira 

"There's no happier person than a truly thankful, content person." ~ Joyce Meyer. 

Peppermint tea this month (a little lukewarm, but not bad). And, of course, I'm using this  The Little Prince  mug that I use all the time. 

Peppermint tea this month (a little lukewarm, but not bad). And, of course, I'm using this The Little Prince mug that I use all the time.