Books I've Read & Places I've Loved: January 2017

"Books I've Read & Places I've Loved" is a series that I'm starting where I talk about, yup, the books I've read and the places I've loved in a particular month (my titling skills are exquisite as we all know ;-)). 

This month started out fairly slow, and constantly picked up speed as it continued. Not only did I have finals and research papers due, but I also went to Nebraska for a college tour. I hope you all had a wonderful month, and hopefully February will be amazing for all of you!


The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

For a quick backstory, you should know that this wasn't the first time I've read this book. Actually, make that attempted to read. When I was around twelve, I was given a box of books for my birthday (the dream!), and this book happened to be in it. A couple years later, I was going through all my books deciding which ones I wanted to keep and which ones I figured would be appreciated more in other places. This book ended up being given away, and a few months ago I began to regret it. In my AP Language class, we read an essay by Sherman Alexie, and I loved it. When I realized that this was the same author who wrote "that book I gave away a few years ago," I went searching to find it again. About two months ago, I found it and picked it up. 

Sorry for the long introduction, but I think it's a pretty cool story! Onto the book, though, I'm glad I picked it up again because I really loved it! It's about a thirteen-year-old boy who is half Indian and half white. The book is written in diary form (which is one of my favorite ways to read books!), and goes through his experiences as he tries to find a place in either of his two worlds. 



Lincoln, Nebraska

As some of you know, I am a Junior in high school. This not only means that I have to take Chemistry (I'm counting down the days until I'm done...), but it also means that I am beginning to look into colleges. Luckily, my school gives us a certain number of days off to go look at colleges, and I went on one of the trips between the 26th-29th of this month (a more detailed description is either already posted or will be shortly). I may not like cold weather or flying in planes very much, but I loved the trip. Getting to go to a new state with some of my friends was an experience I won't soon forget, and meeting with theater and English department directors is something I won't soon forget! The picture above is me in the Nebraska State Capitol, which has an exquisite library that I never wanted to leave.