Books I've Read & Places I've Loved: October 2017

First of all, IT'S MY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!! Second of all, wow October went by fast... that was kind of insane, actually. I did something every weekend this month, from my school's fall festival to the Junior/Senior retreat, I was very busy and I LOVED it. I finished my reading goal and got to visit some new places, and all in all, I'm very happy with how this month turned out. 


the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

Earlier this year, in February to be exact, I read milk and honey, which was Rupi Kaur's first book. I loved it, and when I discovered that she was writing another one, I was excited for the day when I'd get to read that one as well. Earlier this month I was walking around Barnes and Noble with my grandmother, and I turned around to be greeted by a display of the sun and her flowers. I hadn't realized that it had already been published, so I promptly picked it up and finished it within the next couple days. I love Kaur not only for what she writes about, but how she writes it. There is a lot of criticism for how she writes because people say it's not really poetry and is simply poetic sounding sentences, but I think she's brilliant. Poetry has no boundaries, restrictions, or rules, and that's one of the things that makes it (and Rupi Kaur) so great. 


The Captain's Verses by Paublo Neruda

You all know I'm a total sucker for bilingual poetry books, and this one was no different. I read it in just under two days, and it was one of those books where you find something to love on every page. I read another collection of Neruda's poetry earlier this year (in May...? I think.), and I loved that one as well. When looking over the books I've read while being seventeen, I honestly thought there would be more poetry than otherwise, but it was pretty equal, with 8 books of poetry and 9 novels/others. I loved all the poetry I've read this year, but whenever it's a bilingual copy I tend to love it even more. 


Give Me a God I Can Relate To by Blythe Baird

Last week, I was driving to school with my mom (because I still don't have the coveted driver's license) when I got a text from Annaliese. She told me to come find her when I got to school because she had something for me. I was already running late for Book Club, but I made a detour for the library where I was handed a wrapped present with a bow. I went to Book Club and spent the whole time staring at it, waiting for the next class period when I could meet with Annaliese to open it with her. When I found her, she laughed and said I could have opened it without her, but we still sat in the hallway as I opened it. Inside was this book, and I finished it last Tuesday (see? I told you I'd be better at reading than I was last year.) There was a lot in this that I couldn't relate to, but I still found myself underlining the majority and dog-earing the pages I loved the most. I'm very glad this was the last book I read while being seventeen. 



Dixon Corn Maze - Dixon, CA

For my school's first SA "banquet" of the year, we went to the Dixon Corn Maze, which just so happens to be in the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records. We ate Chipotle in the parking lot and ran through the corn maze and got lost on purpose. When one of my friends accidentally locked his keys in his car with another one of my friend's homework inside, we all waited in the parking lot some more. It was a great way to spend a Sunday, and it was refreshing to spend time with people I love without the stress of school on our shoulders. 

(pc) Annaliese 

(pc) Annaliese 

Leoni Meadows - CA

Yup, I went back again, but this time for the annual Junior/Senior Retreat. I went last year, and if I could pinpoint the time when last year changed around for me, that weekend would be it. I'm very glad I was able to go again this year because I was able to bond with some of my favorite people even more. From sleeping on the top bunk, to getting up at six a.m., to staying up past midnight having deep conversations with amazing people, it was a great weekend and I'm so happy I went. 

October was one of the good months of the year so far. I went to a lot of place, saw a lot people, and did a lot of things. I read three really good books, and, you know, I turned eighteen. I'm very thankful for this month, and I hope the rest of the year follows in it's footsteps.