The One Where I Miss Washington: July 2019

Monday, July 01st- As the saying goes, today was a lazy, hazy, crazy day of summer (minus the crazy). I woke up later than usual which kinda threw everything else off, and I’m definitely not in the most positive of head spaces. Summer is always a weird season for me because I never know what it’s going to be like. Last July I was spending three-five nights with a theatre company, and then towards the end I spent eight days in France and Luxembourg. Last July was really good, and I miss it. This July is still so unknown, which I’m trying to be thankful for. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to drink some coffee and hope my mood perks up.

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Tuesday, July 02nd- Back at the beginning of June, I told Emma that I was pretty sure the first two weeks of July would be the hardest. My reasoning was that I’d get home in the middle of June and have a couple weeks of pure laziness to adjust to summer, plus a road trip with my mom to central and southern California. However, once July hit, I would have two weeks before (hopefully) starting my volunteer work with the place I received counseling back in 2018. Those two weeks have officially hit, and I realized this morning that I was completely correct- so far it’s been rough, but I guess it has only been two days. Emma suggested I really get to work on the whole driver’s license thing, but when I went to make an appointment for my driving test, I discovered that there are no available appointments until after my permit is not longer valid. So, the new plan is to just get to work on practicing my driving, go renew my permit (which I found out you can do, but it’s unclear as to if I have to retake the written test or not), and then take my driving test. This is literally the only thing I absolutely have to do this summer.

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Wednesday, July 03rd- Today was SUCH a good day! I drove my grandparent’s car around their neighborhood as well as my own, and I’m starting to feel far more confident behind the wheel. I still have to figure out the whole permit situation, but I’m way less worried than I was yesterday or the day before. Actually, my mood today has just been an improvement from the last few days in many ways. I went to my grandparent’s house and cleaned a little bit, and on the way home we stopped at Barnes & Noble to add a few drama books to my collection (see full collection below, minus my giant Shakespeare anthology, because it’s heavy). I’m especially excited about the book of children’s play, but the one with a bunch of new works is great for when I start seriously looking for something to do for my Irene Ryan audition in February.

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Thursday, July 18th - Today my mom and I went to Mendocino, CA for a the day. This was my fifth year visiting, but I think this trip was the best of them all. Mendocino is one of my favorite places in the entire world, and it was really nice to take some time and just sit on the cliffs for a little while. As it’s gone on, this month has improved. I’ve seen a couple friends (one from high school and one from college), which is always good for me to do. I also got an email from the counseling center I’m hoping to intern with about setting up an interview. Fingers crossed I have a new adventure to fill my time for the rest of the summer!

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Tuesday, July 23rd - Today was a very normal day. I drove to Target and back, which isn’t exactly normal but will hopefully become so with time. I FaceTimed Emma, wrote a little bit, drank blueberry tea (a new favorite), and watched murder mysteries. It was a good day, albeit a tad slow. I have an interview tomorrow for a really cool thing that I’ll *hopefully* get to do for the rest of the summer, and while I’m a little nervous I’m still feeling good about it. It’s one of those things that I know I’d be good at, and that I think I’m even qualified for. So we’ll see… now I am off to finish an episode of Blue Bloods along with a cup of tea, and then maybe go to sleep.

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Monday, July 29th - WHOO today was quite the day. I *finally* watched the movie version of A Wrinkle in Time (I’d refused to watch it when I playing Meg because I didn’t want my character interpretation to be influenced by Storm Reid’s), and boy oh boy do I have some thoughts. I literally took four pages of notes while watching it. In other news, I started my training for my summer volunteer thing today, and I’m really happy with what it’s turned out to be. I’m hoping to spend the end of my summer volunteering with the place I received counseling during my senior year of high school, and part of that includes 40 hours of training, 30 of which are classroom hours. So I have lectures, small group discussions, quizzes, tests, and homework. I’m actually really excited.

This is a very happy Claira who just got back from her first day of training and made herself some blueberry tea to celebrate.

This is a very happy Claira who just got back from her first day of training and made herself some blueberry tea to celebrate.