Books I've Read & Places I've Loved: May 2018

Before we begin, I think it should be noted that yesterday was my last day of high school. Tomorrow begins my graduation weekend, and wow did I start to think this day would never come. This month was insane. Parts of it dragged by while others flew by faster than I could blink. I'm glad this month is over, and I'm glad that this school year is over, even if I am getting more nostalgic by the minute. With all of this in mind, here is the book I read and the places I've loved from this month. 



Helium by Rudy Francisco
Rudy Francisco has been one of my favorite poets ever since I saw him recite his poem entitled Scars/To the New Boyfriend. He has a way with words and metaphors that is just so beautiful, and his book was incredible. Some of my favorite poems that were included are To the Man Standing on the Corner...SisterStrength, and Museums

I recommend this book for: Those of you who like poetry, especially poetry that talks about mental health and race, as well as poetry written for poets. 
I don't recommend this book for: Anyone who doesn't really like poetry, or who wants poetry that's a little more on the tradition side in terms of form. 



Campbell Heritage Theater
I ended up not going on my class trip, so over Memorial Day weekend I didn't have anything to do. This was really great, because I finally got the break I so needed, but I also got to go to my first high school's graduation. I told a couple of my friends and surprised a couple others, and got to sit and watch my first group of real best friends graduate high school. It was really cool to see three of my best friends walk across a stage to get their dimplomas when I'd known them Freshman and Sophomore years. They all worked so hard, and I'm very proud of them. 


The Gazebo
When I first started this website, I told myself that even though I have loved this gazebo since starting at this school, I wouldn't include it in these things until I was about to graduate. And here we are. This gazebo has been there for everything in the last two years, and I actually have a poem going up soon (Ode to My Gazebo), because I'm just kind of cheesy like that. This gazebo will have a special place in my heart forever, and I will miss it very much. 

Mentally, this month wasn't the best. My emotions were numb 90% of the time, and that isn't a feeling I'm used to. I was really stressed and my anxiety crept up on me a couple of times. Still, I'm glad that this month was what it was, because having gone through the last 31 days graduation seems even sweeter. My emotions have definitely returned, and the feelings of nostalgia are back as well. I'm ready for next month, even though I'm not really sure what to expect.