Books I've Read & Places I've Loved: March 2018

Happy end of March! Even though I'm sad that this month has come to a close, I'm very excited to see what April has in store. This month was very full. Trips to England and Los Angeles, dress rehearsals for Pirates of Penzance (our first performance is on Saturday!), and a couple good books as well. With all that said, here are the books I read and places I loved in March of 2018. 


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Secrets for the Mad by dodie
dodie (lack of capitalization is intentional) is one of my favorite musicians. When I learned last year that she had written a book, I bought it as soon as it was available. I did not, however, read it as soon as I had it. I received the copy in November (?) of last year and only started to read it at the end of February. I can't believe I didn't start it as soon as possible, though, because this book is absolutely beautiful. It's part memoir, part advice, part song lyrics and poem stanzas. 

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The Awakening by Kate Chopin
I may have read this for an AP Literature book report, but I loved it so much that I counted it towards my 18 books while being 18. There are characters I see myself in, characters I see other people that are around me in, and characters I hope I never meet in real life. I also loved it because even though it was written in the 19th century and has the language to go along with it, it was still easy to read and easy to get lost in. I definitely would recommend it. 


Newbold College

Newbold College

Bracknell, England
I love England, and Bracknell in particular is one of my favorite places on earth. I'm so excited to go to school here in a few years, and I'm hoping to return to visit within the next year. I had such a wonderful time here, and I'm really glad I went back, even if it was for only four full days. 

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London, England
I feel that the best way to start this is by saying that I saw the Queen of England. She was driving out with her entourage and we saw her. My little 36.2% British heart was extremely happy to part of something like that. While in London I also climbed the stairs of St. Paul's Cathedral (all 528 steps. But I'm not totally convinced it isn't more), ate vegetarian fish and chips (the "fish" was really just breaded cheese, but it was delicious), and because I wore the same shoes that caused the Great Seattle Blisters of 2017, my feet hurt very badly by the time we got on the train to head back home. It was still a wonderful day, and I'm really glad we did everything that we did. 


Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
This is my favorite place in the entire world. This may seem strange, but it's true. I love that you can see the Hollywood sign and I love the lower level of the Observatory where you can sit before a wall of stars. My mom and I always walk up from the parking lot, so while there we walked 2 miles (1 up and 1 down), not including all we walked while inside the observatory itself. This was the last place we went while in Los Angeles, and to me it was the perfect way to end my Spring break. 

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Downtown Disney, Los Angeles
My "needs to be gluten-free and really shouldn't have that much dairy" stomach was not pleased with my trip here. I had a pizza, fully gluten and everything, and a chocolate ice-cream milkshake thing and I didn't feel great on the walk back to the hotel. But all that considered, I'm so glad I went to Downtown Disney. Disneyland itself isn't the happiest place on earth for me, and it really never has. But I've always loved Downtown Disney. Being  there at night is especially lovely because of all the lights, but during the day it's wonderful, too. Like I said, I had pizza and the milkshake, which my tastebuds adored. And then the next day we went to Starbucks and the Disney store where I left with a Dumbo mug, which I may have used three times since returning home. 

This has been a really good month, and there's still more to go. In my detox tea talk for the month, I mentioned that the two predominant emotions for the last few weeks have been happiness and contentment. I've had a wonderful month. Memories were made, good books were read, and I felt myself living for the first time in a while. I hope you all had a good March as well, and here's to an even better April!