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Hello loved ones! My name is Claira Jean Eastwood, and welcome to KeepsUsStargazing. I am a Sophomore in college living in Washington and studying Global Communications (with an emphasis in Spanish), Psychology, and Theatre. I hope to work as a trauma informed drama therapist, theatre educator, director, and actress. This is a place where I share my thoughts, poems, and ideas, and I hope you enjoy perusing them. I try my best to keep it positive over here, and though I sometimes venture off into the realm of politics, most of the time you can find me talking about books, poetry, traveling, and my journey towards the world of theatre. If any of that interests you, pull up a seat, grab some tea or coffee, and stick around for a while. 

Instagram- claira.jean.eastwood    Twitter- clairae29   

Quick disclaimer: All the pictures I post are either taken by me, or taken of me by someone else unless otherwise specified.