My Room is No Longer Green

Actually, it hasn’t been for some time now. At the end of June, my mom and I went to the Home Depot near our house and I picked out a light bluish lavender color to have instead of the bright almost Kermit-like green. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Kermit very much, only I had started to strongly dislike how my room looked. Superficial, maybe, but still the truth. That night I started painting, and the next day I finished it. Now, my room feels brighter and almost bigger, and I’m very happy with how it turned out, even if my novice painting skills allowed some of the green to peep through.  

Knowing me, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that almost everything I do becomes a metaphor. The green walls could represent all that I was and did last year, and the new lavender walls become my hopes and dreams and plans for the future. It is possible that I live in the past too much and need to step away from the nostalgia for a while, but for now I like the metaphor. I painted my room all by myself, and even though it can be deemed such a small thing, it was a big deal to me. Over the last couple months I’ve done more things that have proved in their own way just how able I am. I don’t feel any more ready to for the future than I did, but I do know that my resilience and optimism will get me through whatever it may hold.

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In Japanese, the word komorebi is used to describe the way light and leaves look when there is sunlight shining through trees. It’s a simple word that describes such a simple thing, but I've always found the simplest things to be the most beautiful anyway. While in Bellingham on our road trip, my mom and I went on a hike and at one point we stopped and I took the picture below. It’s not the best picture I’ve ever taken, but it still embodies a little bit of the light and a little bit of the leaves.

I love words, and I especially love words in other languages that don’t have a direct English translation. Komorebi is one such word, and I love the meaning behind it. The simple things in life are beautiful, and looking for beauty in the ordinary can often lead to the greatest of things.

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I've Lived Here a Year

Technically when this post goes up I’ll have lived here for a year and two weeks, but as of writing this, I have lived here for exactly a year. A year ago I finished packing up all the boxes, swam in the pool for the last time, and danced with one of my best friends in the living room before saying goodbye. A year ago my mom and I drove with our dog in the back of the car and tried to find the right road again after stopping to get some incredibly salty french fries. A year ago I trudged up the stairs of my grandparents’ house with a black suitcase before going back down the stairs to sleep in my mom’s room instead.

So much can change in a year, and the last twelve months have proved over and over again that that is true. It’s hard to start over, but in my experience it’s been worth it. Moving was good for me, even if it meant going through a lot of hard stuff to get to the good stuff. Because even though the hard stuff was definitely there, this year was so good, and I am thankful for every part of it.

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